I stood there with mouth wide open when the words of Lansah the Poet
heat my eardrum. I did not believe it was a son of the North but I
looked back to Gombilla the Poet, Ewura the Poet, Negus the Poet and
others and I could not still help but to shake the cords in my head.

A young and intelligent poet with a very powerful and capturing name,
Lansah. I do not know the origin of this name but his poems clearly
expatiate what Lansah means. Lyricism is Lansah. Powerful lyrics with
mind boggling. The likes of 'Dagbon Rise', 'If you are in the
University, So what?' and others. This puts you in a state where you
feel you are in the same world with him.

Lansah would provide you with Assistance. This is helping to inspire
you. Inspiration is the reason I listen and enjoy his wonderful
creativity. 'Dagbon Rise', such a poem which makes a flashback to the
times Dagbon had its pride. When Dagbon was regarded as the home of
peace, love and unity. He then foreshadows the hope for Dagbon to rise
back to its previous state and even better.

I would be permitted to say Nutritious poems are served by Lansah.
This poet serves you with a lot of nutritious diets of poems which
will quench your taste to quit life, to give up and also satisfies
your hunger for success. If you are in the University, So what? This
poem will help you see the reality of life outside the four walls of
the university and see beyond what the ordinary do not see.Lansah

The sensibility of issues Lansah delves in is incomparable. You are
put in a state where you always yearn for more poems to push you out
of your comfort zone because of his works. 'If you thought your
success lies within the four walls of a lecture room, do not forget
that prison cells also boast of those four walls.' Lansah Lawrence in
his poem, if you are in the University. This leads you to do more
creative thinking and analysis of where you are and where you are
willing to go.

Accomplishments is what you get when you critically analyze spoken
words from Lansah the Poet. I have learnt a lot from his works and the
final conclusions have always been the accomplishments I get. You are
destined to succeed in life and that is what Lansah the Poet will let
you know and believe in.

Lansah the Poet is going to be the heart of poetry if he is not now. I
have seen features and the potentials of this young man and I have
pledged to be there for him. I know others who have also pledged to be
by him. What are you doing to let this clot of blood be a human being?
Give him the needed audience. Follow him on all social media with the
handle, Lansah the poet. I have, what are you waiting for???

Abdul-Rahim Baba,

Speaker, Leadership Coach & Author.

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Whoever says "most african couples' are not romantic is absolutely
telling the truth.....

Many marriages are just about sleeping, waking, eating, cooking,
raising the kids, working and ageing together till death comes.....

Many couples only hug eachother when they receive a goodnews....

They only kiss eachother during copulation....

The husband only puts food in his wife's mouth when she is terminally
ill and unable to feed herself....

Many wives only buy gifts for their husbands when he is hospitalized.....

The only time couples race together is when there is danger somewhere
and evryone is running....

The only thing that makes couples go for an evening stroll is when
they have something vital to discuss and they dont want the children
to hear......

The only time some couples eat together is when their inlaws are around......

The only thing that makes couples bath together is when they have a
flight to catch and they are running late already.....

The only thing that makes an african man touch his wife's neck is when
she complains of fever, afterwards he won't touch it again, till her
next fever.....

The only thing that makes an african woman look closely into the eyes
of her husband is when he complains of dirts in his eyes.....

The only thing that makes an average man carry his wife on his arms is
when she is in labour and he is rushing her to the hospital......

The only thing that makes an average woman stroke her husband's beards
is when she is removing dirts from it.....

People do say:
If you see an african couple sitted in front of their house in the
evening, you may think they are romantic, but they are only waiting
for the smell of the ota-pia-pia to vanish.....

If you see a man opening the door of his car for his wife, its either
the car is new or the wife is new....

How won't the rate of divorce and infidelity increase when most
marriages have no sweetness?
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VGMA 2017 : See the full list of winners

The colourful event solely hosted by Anita Erskine of Starr FM saw
performances from Sarkodie, Kofi Kinaata, Ernest Opoku, Nacee, Adina,
Akwaboah, EL, Runtown and a host of others.

Below is the full list of VGMA 2017 winners:

1. Gospel Song of The Year - Yewo Nyame - Nacee

2. Hi life Song of The Year - Confession - Kofi Kinaata

3. Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year - People Dey- Stonebwuoy

4. Hip Hop Song of the Year - god mc - M.nifest

5. Hip Life Song of the Year - Go low - Flowkinstone

6. Afro Pop Song of the Year - Ka bua me - EL

7. Gospel Artiste of the Year - Joe Mettle

8. Highlife Artiste of the Year - Kofi Kinaata

9. Hip life/Hip Pop Artiste of the Year - Sarkodie

10. Song Writer of the Year - Kofi Kinaata

11. Reggae Dancehall Artiste of the Year - Stonebwouy

12. Best Collaboration of the Year - Alhaji VVIP ft. Patoranking

13. Best Female Vocalist of the Year - Adina

14. Best Male Vocalist of the Year - Joe Mettle

15. Best Group of the Year - VVIP

16. Best Video of the Year - Small Small - Okyeame Kwame

17. Best Rapper of the Year - M.anifest

18. African Artiste of the Year - Runtown

19.popular video of the year-Double-christy

20.Album of the year-Nacee

21Artiste of the year-Joe Metle
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Trotro matters: My encounter with a bully of a Prophet

You recall me telling you about my trotro experience with a prophet
whose loud voice, crude mannerisms and terrifying delivery of the
gospel of Christ virtually barred me from making or receiving phone
calls all through my journey from Tema to Dzorwulu.

When I couldn't bear the noise levels any longer, I mustered courage
to politely alert him on how his sermon was bothering me and all other
commuters who were too scared to talk. I called out to him. "Papa
Osofo, can you kindly tone it ….." Before I could finish my carefully
rehearsed speech, the man choked on the words, "Did I hear you say
tone it down". I gasped and nodded concurrently as if I didn't
understand English any longer. From the silence I felt all around me,
it finally dawned on me I was all alone in this fight.

He continued, "Boys of today, when you are preaching, that's the time
they'll fix their earpiece to listen to useless music; when they're
done listening to their music, they will ask you to tone down.
Devils!" Now, all eyes were on me as I sat sweating, speechless and
profusely nervous. I had finally met my meeter in a trotro surrounded
by beautiful. ladies. Yawa kwraaaa.

Realizing my lyrics had failed me for the first time, I confidently
plugged my earpiece into my ears, and raised the collar of my shirt to
create the impression I couldn't be bothered. Only I knew that was
fake. While pretending to be tough, I couldn't wait to either get to
my destination or for him to bring the sermon to an end. Luckily, the
latter happened quickly as if the guy could read minds. I couldn't be
bothered though; at least my wish for a quiet atmosphere was happening

The pastor (I don't recall how he introduced himself) asked for an
offering from all commuters who felt touched. I quickly took GHS 10
out of my pocket and gave it to him. The man watched the money with
amusement, affected a giggle to make it seem like he'd been kidding
and suddenly wanted to lighten the mood in the vehicle. I still
remained quiet in my seat knowing fairly well my fat offering had
taken him by surprise.

A little while, the pastor said: "Boss take my number and call me
later tonight. The Lord has told me something about your future". I
took the number, shook my head in my mind's eye and told the mate I'll
be alighting at the next stop. The prophet's face fell rough.

As for calling him, it's a complete no no. I have passed the stage
where men tell me what God said just because I was coerced to give an
offering. On a lighter note, this prophet revealed so
many soft spots I never knew I had. For example, I could never have
imagined my eloquent self could ever be speechless or extremely polite
when I had every good reason. not to be. A-S-E-M.

By: Paa Kwesi Forson
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How to win back the love of your life on April fool's day

April fool's day is here again and just like any such days, you must
be on the lookout for pranks that could either scare you to death or
erupt your anger. But for those of us having a terrible relationship
with our loved ones, this day could be the best moment to get your
love-life right! These 4 witty tips should help you get the best of
April fool's day.

Play the victim

Trust me, no matter how bitter your loved one could be, there
definitely could be a sense of love he or she feels for you. April
Fool's day is the best way to bank in on such emotion. So what do you
do? Maybe you could start out by letting a friend (known to your
lover) call and report that you are in a hell of a mess. Suffering a
severe headache, being robbed, invited over by the police for smashing
a bottle on someone's head for threatening him or her. You know, just
something to scare the "heaven" out of him and her for a I'm
travelling, never coming back!

If indeed (s)he truly loves you, there would definitely be a sense of
concern as soon as they know they will no longer get to see you again.
This works like magic!

Ringing the wedding bells

So there you are letting him or her know that you will be tying the
knot with your new love! Hahaha! How (s)he would rush to that wedding
ground to see for him or herself if indeed it's really over. Just
about that moment, it could be just the two of you at the "events
ground". And yea! It will give you time to speak to the one you do
much love.

BUT remember! April Fools day should never be a time of scaring
people's heart of its socket and making others suffer from high blood
pressure. Just take it cool and very much wise enough.
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3 Honest Reasons Why Women CHEAT Even On Guys They Love

Getting laid by a stranger has never been easier, thanks to technology.
This is equally true for singles as well as married individuals, thanks to a variety of websites and apps that cater to people looking for easy, casual sex.
But having sex with someone new isn't usually the reason why people cheat.
Both men and women cheat because something is missing in their lives. The need to fill in that missing piece is what leads to affairs — and often divorce.
Today, men and women stray at similar rates according to a study by the University of Indiana, but for different reasons.
While there are surveys about why women cheat, I am going to focus on my own experience helping couples move past their affairs.

Here are the top 3 reasons I’ve heard, from the cheaters themselves, about why women cheat:

1. Lack of connection.

The primary driver that women have in an intimate relationship is to feel connected.
For women, the feeling of connection is a mix of chemical bliss that creates attraction and intimacy.
When women feel disconnected from their spouse, the feelings of intimacy fade. The possibility of a new connection with someone else opens up. And these emotional connections can easily lead to physical affairs.
2. Vengeance.

This may be unpopular to some, but in my experience, about 1 in 5 affairs by women happen because of “pay-back”.
It’s revenge for the husband’s affair, or maybe even vengeance for some perceived wrong or mistreatment.
Numerous women have confided that their affairs were intentional “pay-back” because their husbands didn’t help out enough with their newborn babies and toddlers.
Others have mentioned that it was revenge for an unmet expectation around Valentine’s Day or their Birthday, or Anniversary.
I’ve heard directly from women who cheated because their husbands wouldn’t take time off of work or change jobs, or didn’t help out enough around the house.

3. Unsatisfying sex.

It’s no secret that people’s stressful, fully scheduled, fast-paced living leads to unsatisfying sex lives. Lack of passionate and fulfilling sex is another driver for women who have affairs.
While men may complain about the quantity of sex, women complain about the quality.
Women often comment on the lack of sex initiated by their husbands, with the desired amount of passion.
Here’s a sample of what they’ve said to me; “I want him to just take me spontaneously”, “I want him to throw me on the bed”, “I want him to be more aggressive.”
These statements often include far more colorful words.
The mistake that a man might make is thinking that his wife, now a mom of three, has lost her desire for hot, steamy sex.
She hasn’t. And many women are not willing to settle for a passion-less marriage.
There is no doubt that women are often less satisfied with their marriage than men.
Not only are women having affairs at increasing rates, they initiate divorce at staggering levels.
According to a well-known study of 2,262 heterosexual couples over 5 years by Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld, women initiated 69% of divorces.
The details of the study further indicate that college educated women initiate divorce over 80% of the time.
Maybe this is a wake-up call to men.
If you’re a man reading this article, you are probably shocked. If you are a woman reading this, it probably just confirms what you already know.
The needs of both men and women will continue to be met; either inside the marriage or outside with someone else. So if there's a problem, it's important you seek support to solve it.
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